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About Fragrance


A  Word About Fragrance

The majority of scented candles in the market, contain a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances. “These fragrance materials may be derived from essential oils or from synthetic aroma chemicals. A well-made candle will contain only fragrance materials approved for candle use…”

(source: http://candles.org)

Our research suggests that there are in the vicinity of over 2,000 aroma chemicals and essential oils to choose from in order to develop distinctly pleasing scents that are also compatible to use with candles. Many of these scents can be found to be of use in perfumes, bath soaps, lotions and shampoos.

Reputable candle makers, such as Respire:breathe, only use expertly-formulated fragrances, specifically approved for candle use. For this reason Respire:breathe choose to source our fragrances primarily from “Eroma’s”, exclusive fragrance partners “Luxaroma”. These fragrances are designed, tested and manufactured Sydney, Australia. “Their perfumer and his team have worked both locally and in France and have a combined 55 years experience in refining the highest quality essential oils and fragrances. With this comes industry wisdom and confidence.”

(source: https://blog.eroma.com.au/what-is-the-difference-between-fragrance-and-essential-oils-?)

Respire:breathe are committed to bringing our customer’s a luxury end product. In doing so we believe it is important to find you the most beautiful fragrances, which have been tested for safety, are used in the correct quantities, are consistent and lasting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils, please pop over to our FAQ page. https://www.respire.com.au/pages/customer-faqs