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~ Fragrance Diffusers are the perfect way to ensure you always have a fresh scent flowing through your living spaces. Love the smell of fresh flowers, but no time to shop? Choose a diffuser from our range of 'floral scents' and mix it up each season! Perhaps a "Rosey Rose" from our Signature Range followed by a Summer Fragrance of Neroli our "Principessa Nerola".


~Change out your Dining ambience depending on your mood and guests. Candles are the perfect way to quickly adapt. Something rich and bold like our "French Pear" or perhaps softer hints of an "Italian Summer" full of figs and fresh greens! The candlelight sets your mood and the candle jars allow simple decoration to your table.


~Candles and fragrance diffusers are perfect in bedrooms!

To keep a constant wafting scent present, such as in a baby's room use a diffuser with a relaxing scent such as our Signature "L.K. Loving Kalm". Help to calm your little one at rest time.

Or/ want to set a romantic mood in your bedroom? Candlelight will give just the right amount of light whilst gently scenting the air. Lively or richly romantic? You choose! Just remember to extinguish the flame before zzzzzzzzz!

~Fragrance Sprays & Floral Waters are also perfect here. Leave a few of your favourites in your bedroom for a quick refresh or spary before you head out. Even pop one in your bag to top up later in the day.


~ The hub of the home and full of wonderfully delicious aromas! Sometimes you may like a stronger scent to mask the cooking smells - so perhaps leave a Fragrance Diffuser in a strategic location (away from cooking appliances)?

Constantly washing your hands? Perhaps time to indulge in a gentle Everyday Hand Wash which will cut through all the food smells from your preparation. A citrus scet such as "Refresh" or "Pomelo" is perfect!

Powder Rooms/ Bathrooms

~Candles and fragrance diffusers are perfect in bathrooms at different times.

Always leave a Fragrance Diffuser in your Powder Room, it's a simple and effective way to leave the room fresh all day long. Any stronger scent is perfect here and you can change it each season.

Bathrooms are lovely rooms to scent. You may choose a lighter fragrance for that 'all the time' scent and then indulge in a candle of your choice when its time to feel like you're at the Spa. Prepare your bath of epsom salts, turn down the light, put on some music and light your candle - aahhh, bliss.....


Create the environment you want in your special space for reading.

Reading a novel based in the tropics? Set the scene with your tropical or citrus scented candles and really lose yourself in the adventure.  Make sure to extinguish the flame before you leave your adventure and svae it for the next one!

Office/ Study

~Is it time to concentrate on some work or learning? Particular scents are perfect to enhance concentration, others lift your spirit and keep you in the zone. Candles are perfect for this as you can change them often to suit your needs. Keep a few on hand, lined up and ready to go, so you can get the most out of your work time.


~The outdoors may have its' own scent, but sometimes we like to give it a boost! Outdoor parties and events are a fabulous time to go wild with your candles. Small, large, discreet or bold, any size or fragrance you like is wonderful outdoors. A great ambience is achieved with both their light and scent. Always make sure you have plenty for the area you using so as to concentrate the scent and also make sure they are long-lasting to go the distance!

They also make a lovely take-home for your guests and keep some of natures' biting friends away!

On the Go

~Fragrance Sprays and Travel Tins are your ideal accompaniment when you are on out and about. Out for a day? or a week?

Fragrance sprays are wonderful to refresh you throughout your day, and small enough to keep a couple in your bag.

Travel twin 'tin' candles are perfect if you are heading away for a few days and want to take your relaxation and mindfullness tools with you. They are small enough to pack a few and beautiful enough to give as gifts to your hosts!


~Scent your event the way you want!

Respire:breathe are often commissioned to provide fragrance for different events. We enjoy working with you to create large decorative scented candles for milestone birthdays, personalised travel tins and favours for parties, unique diffusers for trade shows and corporate gifts and even personalised fragrance sprays, with your own fragrance for your clients.

Talk to us about your next event and see what we can do to make it special.

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